Greg Fetler Artist Biography

"I was the child of two artists. Mom was a painter, poetic and romantic, a restless colorist. Dad's canvasses represented the classical approach, lyrical, and completed with great technical skill. When I was ten, they let me use the oil paint box, and I've been painting ever since.

Five formative teenage years in Europe exposed me to the history of art firsthand. Living in Norway awakened my deep feelings for the landscape. Seeing the magnificent cathedrals and museums of Europe convinced me of the amazing power of art. At Dartmouth College in beautiful New Hampshire, the great Richard Wagner convinced me to try acrylic paints, and I was immediately taken by their brilliance and flexibility. They were also very portable, and I carried them with me as I became a Naval Officer with my new bride. I flew throughout the Pacific, painting at every port of call. My acrylics documented Naval Aviation and squadron life, and were commissioned by aviators, including Commander of the Pacific Fleet. In 1972 I left the Navy for graduate study in art, and to paint full time.

I began selling several different styles of paintings, always at different venues: the detailed realistic California landscapes in the galleries of Carmel and Palm Springs, the large impressionistic acrylic watercolor landscapes at outdoor festivals. In 1985 I settled with my growing family to build my own studio and Gallery in a historic Victorian in Watsonville, centrally located on the Monterey Bay coast in Northern California (Click on the highlighted links for Gallery information and map).

I decided that my own gallery would be the best place to show the several different styles which I am compelled to develop. I believe each style exists complete in its own right, but each style also speaks to the others, informing them, adding new techniques and new insights. Thank you for taking the time to visit Greg Fetler Fine Art Gallery."

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