Fine Art Gallery-Art Gallery of Fine Art Prints-Paintings

Fine Art Gallery-Art Gallery of Fine Art Prints-Paintings

Welcome to Greg Fetler's Fine Art Gallery, a place for people of all ages to enjoy. The Art Gallery features Fine Art Prints and Paintings by Acrylic Artist Greg Fetler, who has been painting for more than thirty years.

Explore the unique painting techniques included in the Realism, Acrylic Watercolors, and the Josh and Friends Galleries. The Fine Art Prints are created from the Artist's Original Paintings using the Giclee process.

Experience the magical world of Josh and Friends in "The Synergy Song", a Children's Picture Book and Poem about Science.


Porcelain Sculpture Restoration
Painting Restoration
Glass / Ivory / Wood Repair
40 years experience

Greg Fetler
Top Ten Finalist
American Artist Magazine
Cover Artist of the Year,
Competition 2008

See the painting
"Redwood Cathedral",
which was awarded
this national honor,
and was featured in the
October '08 issue of
American Artist Magazine

See more award winning
paintings from the new

"Tree of Life"
Tree Portraits
Greg Fetler

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