The Synergy Song: Children's Picture Book and Poem
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That's a synergy sings Tim:
You need every small part to keep the whole in the pink
It works so wonderfully well, way beyond what you think.

You can melt two weak metals together, to make one metal stronger.
A metal that will break much less often and last longer
We call it an alloy, it's a strong synergy, Tim cries
Finding another new synergy is nearly always a surprise!

A synergy is simply a whole thing
That is more, much more, than its parts.
A synergy's the action of a whole thing
That is more than the sum of its parts.

It's when parts go together to do more than you think
Like a race car, or a sailboat, or the pretty eyes you blink.
If the parts of a boat are together, it'll sail and not sink.

'Forest Elves'

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